The Web Page Counter was first released on the Thursday 4th April 2002, and previously had been under development before this date additionally other programs have been applied to it since that time like the Globel Wizard!!

From when it was first released right up until present day it has been under constant improvement and development and during this period has been tested by many, many thousands of users.

It reached a point where the Beta Sticker could be removed in January 2003 after 9 months of proving itself to be a robust and reliable web page counter and still continues to do so today.

As you browse these very comprehensive help files to learn about the counter and it’s many functions you will find some of the pictures and/or references may not quite look the same as the web page counter looks at present this is mainly to do with the phenomenal progression of the counter itself and quite literally these help files have not quite caught up yet, however the help files themselves still apply to all area’s.

The web page counter is still being improved and even when and if it reaches perfection will still be scrutinised to become one of the best you will find, additionally to keep it’s originality other applications and idea’s will always be employed. These help files will also continue to evolve as they have from the very beginning from user feedback and recommendations so if you find anything you do not quite understand or if there is a reference here that just does not make sense please do not suffer in silence we listen to all our users and help is just around the corner when using Globel Web Page Counters.

Best Regards and Enjoy