Counting Sporadically

Q: My page counter advanced a couple of digits even though it’s a new page?

When you have created a new account with us our robot will visit your page periodically. This serves quite a few purposes; the main one being that we do not allow any links to pornographic sites, the robot automatically checks the page for any keywords in this area, if the site appears explicit to the robot it will notify administration, this is manually done as well at some stages.

Additionally each user is provided this service free and all we ask in return is a link back to our main page so other users can use our service. Also it acts as a link so you can click it to get your statistics for your counter, we think that this is not unfair or unreasonable to ask but some users do and remove them? The robot also checks this whilst it is thereā€¦

And last but not least the robot checks the code on your page for the counter itself, if it does not understand the code or it thinks there is a problem with it then again it notifies admin and we take a look and then notify you.