No email

Email servers have their own set of priorities and sometimes delays are inevitable. This does not necessarily mean anything has gone wrong; it’s a bit like waiting for the normal post, your mail has just got lost or delayed and on its way, please give it plenty of time, at least a few hours before you panic.

If nothing happens try applying again, with the same Email address and Username, if the system comes back with an error and tells you there is already a Username and/or Email address registered, the chances are that either something has gone wrong our end or your mail has become lost on the way. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems.

A bit about IP addresses:

Because some of our forms are open to the internet this sometimes constitutes abuse of the system in fact we have had a few recently (these are under investigation and termination by ISP’s), for example anyone can send someone an email from this form when it’s unwelcome, therefore as a security measure we log the IP address of the user automatically, date/time and any other non identifiable information we can about the user when they apply. So should you receive a email that you did not ask for then with your assistance and the information obtained we can locate the user through their ISP and ISPs do not take kindly to this sort of spamming behaviour and usually terminate the offenders account even if they use an anonymous email address like hotmail or yahoo we can track them, after all that’s what we do, the information is useless normally unless pursued and we pursue most abuse calls to this system.

This is another measure we take to ensure (one) that this service is not abused and (two) your security and welfare trust and anonymity whilst you are with us is taken care of, the system is evolving into a good marketing tool and the last thing we want to do is annoy people with unwanted emails, these tools are for monitoring internet activity and over time will become quite extensive, we respect your privacy if you find it necessary to use a hotmail or yahoo email address then any information that does not conspire to be abuse is destroyed automatically over time (except where general information is concerned this is used for marketing) i.e. like you may use windows 98 on your machine we gather this information to get an overall percentage of users on the internet that use this operating system then we can decide how to build our programs around them; you are assured your email address is never forwarded to any third party and any information obtained (if not abuse) is ever used to identify you as you’re anonymity is important to us.