Cut & Paste

We have created this page for those of you who are not familiar with how to use the cut and paste commands of windows operating systems. You will need to learn how to perform this operation to enable you to be able to cut and paste the HTML code supplied by us which is needed on your webpage in order for your counter to work.

When using the cut and paste method for the HTML code, this is always done best in a text editor such as Notepad rather than using an HTML editor as there is always the chance of an HTML editor adding extra code which isn’t necessary which could cause your counter to not work properly.

By following the instructions below you will be able to perform this task and other similar operations which may be necessary.

Here are two text boxes, one which contains some text and the other box is completely blank. The objective here is to see the exact same text which is in Box 1 displayed in Box 2 and the way to do this is to use the cut and paste method.


Begin by clicking the mouse in Box 1, either at the very start of the text or at the very end of the text, so you see the cursor flashing.

Then left click your mouse again but this time keep your finger on the mouse and drag the flashing cursor from one end of the text to the other which if done correctly will highlight all of the text within the box.

Then take your finger off the mouse at which point the text should remain highlighted.

Then hover your mouse over the highlighted text and right click your mouse and select the “cut” option at which point the text will disappear.


The next step is to click your mouse into the Box 2 which is still blank so you see your cursor flashing again.

Then hover your mouse over the blank box with the cursor flashing in it and right click the mouse.

From the popup menu, this time you want to select “paste” at which point you should see the text you cut from Box 1 appear in Box 2.

Practice this until you feel you can perform a cut and paste task quite easily and then you can move onto cut and pasting the HTML code for your free counter with confidence.

You can for the purpose of pasting the HTML code for the counter use the “copy” option instead of the cut option which will have the exact same outcome. This way will copy the original text and duplicate it when pasting it rather than removing it from the original source when using the “cut” option. Have a go using both the cut and the copy method and see the differences, although both will have the same end result.