Statistics Not Updating

If your statistics do not appear to be updating please be sure to check and do the following:

  1. If your statistics are not updating and your counter is counting your hits please make sure you have logged off from your control panel, whilst you are in your control panel the statistic update robot will NOT update your statistics. This is a safeguard to avoid multiple read/writes to the same file as both the robot and your counter need to access these log files and if they are both active a collision of interests can happen, so during this time your statistics are frozen and the robot is told to back off and you MUST log off properly to tell the robot that you have finished otherwise the robot will not touch your statistics for up to an hour after the time you first logged on, and or looked at your statistics.
  2. If your statistics have already updated and you have logged off from the system properly “which is just a case of clicking (log off) in your control panel” there is a lapse time whilst the robot does update your statistics, the robot visits each user in rotation to check if their statistics are up to date or not, this can take anything from a couple of seconds and up to 15 minutes depending on how busy the robot is, most of the time this is instantaneous i.e. as soon as a hit is received the robot updates and can be merely seconds but let’s say 100 users do not log off properly (which does happen) and have very active accounts when the robot revisits these 100 users an hour later it can find loads of work to do, then this has a ricochet effect and slows everyone else down. The secret is “be a good user and LOG OFF”.
  3. If for some reason your statistics do not update at all, and please give this plenty of time… please do not hesitate to contact us as there may be a technical problem that needs sorting out. Don’t forget to supply your Username and Email address for your account.