Our counter has changed quite considerably over the years and at present we are updating this help section to catch up, please be patient, the counters have been broken up into three categories with some general information too most of the old files have been deleted but some have not and may take you to the root of the site for that particular help scenario! 

This new section will cover general information about the counter, when it was first devised, what’s new, general news, forthcoming updates, it also includes a section on which counter is best for you or in your situation, if you are unsure then you should look here first.

We are also presently building a new ticket system where you will be able to
report a fault.

Below is a list of original sections whilst we do all these changes.

Q: I created an account or counter but I mistyped the name.  Can you correct it?

A: There are millions of counter names within the database on Free Counters and every day someone mistypes a name on our system, the database self checks for your counter name when you type it so the easiest way is for you to start again and create a new counter with the correct spelling, the old counter you created if unused will be deleted within 200 days.

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Q: What Does The Free Counter Offer?
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Q: Why Have You Stopped My Account?
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Q: Understanding My Statistics?
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