To empty your cache in: AOL 3.0

Click here for AOL 4.0

Click here for AOL 7.0

1. In your AOL browser, click on the Preferences button.

clear cache

2. Once the Preference window opens, scroll to the Web icon and click on it:

aol clear cache

clear cache

3. In the web preferences window that opens, in the area Disk Cache, click the Empty Cache and then click OK to close the window.

aol cache

Empty Cache, you may have to wait a few minutes or seconds depending on how much information has been stored in your cache from the past, AOL will now delete all these old files as well as the copies of past impressions you have been trying hard to get rid of.

When completed exit out of it by clicking OK on the Preferences dialog and now all you should have stored in your cache is a copy of this page as it was when you first started because AOL will treat this page as a current version from the site….