We have several types of counters which you can choose from for use on any website and they are available in many different styles. We have fixed image counters, animated counters, languages counters and even java counters.

Below is just a sample of some of the styles that are very popular and you can easily find by browsing through the categories of counter types.



Bart Simpson, one of my personal favourites. Doesn’t everyone love Bart Simpson?

Winnie Pooh

Another favourite character of mine, great for use on sites for young children.

Digital Digits:


Classic odometer style digit counter.


Typical scoreboard digit counter.

Language Counters

ArabicCountersTrackersFree CounterFree TrackerArabic CounterArabic TrackerArabic DigitsArabic NumbersArabic Digit

The perfect counter for your Arab language website.

ChineseChinese CounterChinese TrackerChinese DigitChinese NumbersChinaChinese DigitsChina CounterChina trackersChinese Number

Ideal for any Chinese language websites.

Music Counters

MusicClefMusicalMusic NoteMusic CounterMusic ClefMusical TrackerMusical NoteSheet MusicMusical Counters

A great counter for any musically themed website.

LEDLED DisplayMusic LEDLED LevelsLED SetLED LightLED MusicLED LevelLED DigitDigital LED

For the more modern lover of music how about the music LED digital display?