No Counter Account

no counter account

Straight Answer? if your counter displays the above image your account has either been deleted and/or not created yet, the reasons for this are as follows:

1. The robot has checked your page and has determined that you have removed the link on the counter!
2. You have tried to link to the script on our server without creating a simple account!
3. You have tampered with the HTML code we gave you?

This is an automatic process and will automatically display the image above if you remove our link the robot will visit your page and delete your account with no exception, this can be instantaneous or can take several days maybe even a week or a month depending on the workload of the server but one thing is for sure….. he will visit, we provide a counter for you to count your hits on your web page and if a visitor to your webpage decides to get a Free Counter our link is there for them to do so, it’s a sort of two way exchange for this counter service.

What Does the Robot Do?
It saves us loads of work that’s for sure, imagine having thousands of webpages to check to see if everyone is sticking to their end of the deal. Not something we relish the thought of, so… every time your counter refreshes and counts another digit it sends us a referral location on the Internet, this referral is usually where the counter is located. The robot then visits your page at that location and parses the page ready for him to read, the robot then looks for the counter code itself and if it is complete does absolutely nothing, however; if the code is not normal! or has been removed or commented out it automatically removes the account associated with it, this is why it is imperative that you do not tamper with the code, it looks at your page a bit like a search engine and if it is not that which is expected assumes the counter is bogus.

About Advertising
We do not display banners or huge advertising links on our counters and we never intend to do so, we also do not impose unreasonable requests, we do not want your e-mail address or anything else that could be considered unreasonable, but we do need people to find us and keep spreading the word, additionally; your site may only send us one hit in a blue moon, this one hit combined with thousands of other users makes our traffic attractive to advertisers, they in turn sponsor our pages and this revenue helps us keep the counter free, so you can use it on your web page. So in effect the process turns full circle so you help us to help you and that also allows us to keep investing back into what we do best. If you do not wish our link to be on the counter (which BTW is non intrusive) then it’s a pointless exercise putting this particular counter on your webpage as the robot will remove accounts that go against this simple rule.

The robot has made errors in judgment, these so far have been rectified and the process has been kept simple and un-complicated to avoid too many of these errors cropping up. If you have a problem with not being able to use our counter due to a robot error please do tell us, his job is to ensure everyone keeps to their end of the deal and ensure that all users are being fair to the system and each other by doing the same thing:
“keeping this counter free”!!!

In all cases this situation is unrecoverable as your account would not exist any more, best way is to create a new account. If you did NOT display our link, then try again.