Internet Explorer Version 6

If you are having problems using our site or any other site i.e. paypal for instance that sometimes requires an exchange of information with the server such as “cookies” to say access an account, internet explorer can and will sometimes prevent this exchange of information via it’s security settings, this then prevents you from using a particular site as it should be!

To change the security level for a selected site in the browser Internet explorer 6 this particular section deals with making a trusted site, obviously; you should not do this if you do not trust any site or are in any doubt.

Internet explorer puts up this brick wall, which is good when you need it but this help_images to explain how to change that when you don’t…

First of all you need to go into explorers “Internet options” as follows.

After clicking this you should be faced with the Internet Options box below.

As in the picture above click on in Sequence:

  1. The Security Tab at the top.
  2. The Tick Box Trusted Sites.
  3. The Button Marked Sites.

You should then be faced with the trusted sites dialog below.

As in the picture above in Sequence:

  1. Type in the trusted site you wish to add.
  2. UN-Check the secure site option.
  3. Click Add.

This is what you should end up with!

As above your site you typed in earlier has now been added to a list and the https option is unchecked, if the dialog looks like this Click OK!

And finally Click OK on the Internet Options Dialog to exit. is now one of your trusted sites in this browser and will now allow the free distribution of cookies between Free Counters and your browser.