We are often asked why we do not have preset styles within the wizard for the counter setup and the answer is simply because there would be far too many combinations for us to add them as presets. If we were able to add all the possible combinations it would take you much longer to browse through them all to find one that was suitable than it would to just create your own. By allowing you to produce your own custom counter is more likely to achieve an original looking counter and not be the same as everyone else’s counter.

Plenty of users do just accept the default counter without making use of the options available in the wizard to change the look of it or they remove all of the options so they are just left with the numbers. This is something we may add in the future so users will not have to run through the wizard to achieve this.

Every item within the makeup of the counter has a total of 256 colors to select from, so if for example we were to offer the choice of just 3 font size options for the counter numbers and there are as stated 256 colors for each font size this would give us 768 different combinations.

However as there are 7 different font sizes to choose from that would give us 1792 choices and that is without taking into account the length of the digits which give us up to 15 more choices and make the total combinations which could be available to just under 27,000. Now imagine having to scroll through pages and pages just to look at 27,000 variations and that’s just on the options mentioned above. Now if we were to add any other new style or option that would then increase the amount tenfold.

So with all this in mind I doubt very much that we will ever be in a position to offer all the possible style sheets as there are just far too many possible combinations which make it almost impossible. That and the fact that there are several more items which we propose to add to the wizard anyway which would further increase the possible amount of combinations.