Below is a list of Functions of our counters:

  1. Our free counters perform extremely fast and are very accurate and reliable. To keep track of visits to individual pages within a website, simply create another counter account. You can put the same counter on each page of your website but it will count each hit on all of the pages in your overall statistics for the site. The counter records are kept for up to 2 years which means you can see the statistics of your counter over a long period of time to get a good idea of your traffic and which are the busiest times of the year.
  2. Select up to 30 digits on your Free Counter if you select one of our Java counters.
  3. Again, if you choose one of our Java counters you will have the option of making the counter invisible which means it will not be seen on the webpage.
  4. With any of our free counters you will be able to change the start number through your account options at anytime without it having an effect on your counter statistics.
  5. With all of the free counters available you will be able to see statistics for Unique visitors to your website if you choose to have statistics produced. Alternatively if it is only the number of unique visitors that you are interested in you can choose a counter and select it to record only unique hits to the site without having to have stats produced for your counter.
  6. When creating your counter account you will be asked if you want statistics produced or not. If you select yes to this option you will also have the option of adding a Statistic Link which will appear below the actual counter and when clicked will take you directly to the login page for your counter stats.
  7. On each counter account you are able to set a password but you do not have to. Leaving the password field blank will mean that anyone can click on your counter to be able to view your site counter stats.