Download Tracker

A download tracker (as the name suggests) is a counter that keeps track of your downloads! This would normally be done by inserting some dynamic code into the HTTP code on the actual webpage the download was being offered on and would normally be used for something you wish to keep track of like:

How many files are being downloaded from your site.

Another good use for our link tracker / counter is to use it for counting the amount of downloaded files from your site. When used in this way you will be able to count how many times a particular file has been downloaded and it could be used in the following format:

Example Nothingness File Has had Free Counter Downloads!

At present the above code has been set to count HITS to aid these examples of use but there is nothing stopping you from creating a unique counter so that if someone clicks it twice they will only be counted once, or you can use any counter from the range of counters available, you can even get it to produce statistics telling you how many downloads you are getting an hour/week or month etc.