Our free counters are indeed totally free. They are free for you to use on any website, blog or forum and any user visiting your pages will be able to view your counter, unless of course you select a java counter and choose the option to make the counter invisible.

One of the conditions of using one of our free counters is to add a reciprocating counter link back to our website and to continue the link for the duration of use of the free counter which will benefit other users who wish to use the free counter service. However if any user does not want to add a clickable reciprocal link back to our website they can choose to pay a small fee for the counter service which helps towards development and towards the cost of storing the counter statistics which are readily available.

This free counter service does have some limitations especially in the case of accessing any statistics of the counter. As you can appreciate each time a user accesses their free counter statistics this will increase the load on the processor of the host server to calculate and display the statistics and also increase the bandwidth used so we have had to set limitations on this to stop users continually loading the counter stats unnecessarily. You can however choose to pay for more statistic views of the free counter should you feel you require to view them more often than the set limitations.