Within this section of the FAQs you will find all the information you need to be able to select and create your free counter and start using it on your website. Apart from showing you how to install the free counter on your webpage we will also describe the features of the counter which includes how to edit the counter, how to empty your cache and more.

Should you need to delete the free counter for any reason we also show you how this can be easily done. If you do not find the information you need within this section simply send us a message using the Contact form or use the ticket system in the Help section.

Before you can install your free counter onto your webpage you will need to know how to be able to cut & paste. If you are not familiar with how to perform a cut and paste using your computer then simply go to the Cut & Paste page which will show you how to perform this basic action. Please return to this page once you know how to perform a cut and paste action and continue with the installation instructions.

These instructions are for standard html sites only and not for other types of websites such as wordpress, joomla, blogger etc. See further instructions for other types of webpages within the FAQs section.

The source code of our free counter is written in HTML, Hyper Text Markup Language, and if you are not familiar with HTML code you should pay strict attention to this installation tutorial or ask your webmaster to do this for you as a mistake at this point could cause your webpage to stop working correctly.

Firstly you will need a text editor before you can proceed any further and the simplest editor which can be used can be found on any windows operating system, namely Notepad which can be found under Start/All Programs/Accessories. This text editor can be used to open your HTML webpage on which you wish to install the counter.

If you want to install your counter onto the homepage of your website you will need to open the homepage file, usually called index.htm or default.htm, in notepad. Just select the index/default.htm file and right click it and select open/open with and select Notepad to open it with. It should hopefully look something like the example below:


The next step is to get the actual HTML code of the counter which you can access from your free account by logging in and selecting “Get HTML Code” which will then be displayed for you. All you need to do then is to cut or copy this code in full and then go to your text editor where you have your page open and insert the code into it by right clicking it and selecting paste before the tags which can be found right at the bottom of the page as shown in the example below:


Once you have completed the action above all that remains to be done then is to save the index/default.htm file with the new counter code inserted and upload it to the host server. If done correctly you should be able to see your new free counter on your webpage (you may need to refresh the page).