If you use Netscape Navigator as your browser version 8.0 warns you if you come across possible spyware sites, and automatically configures its settings to help protect you. Also Tabbed browsing has been expanded so you can open all of your favorite web sites in one window automatically. New Passcard Manager remembers all your screen names and passwords and can auto-fill that information on sites.

In October 1994, Netscape released the the first beta version of their Browser or Navigator, Mozilla 0.96b, over the Internet. On December 15, the final version was released, Mozilla 1.0, making it the first commercial web browser. An open source version of the Netscape Navigator was released in 2002 was also named Mozilla in tribute to this early version, and then released as the quickly popular FireFox in November, 2004.

Netscape 7 Empty Cache

Here is how to empty your cache in Netscape Navigator version 7.

1. First of all ensure that every instance of Netscape is closed, you should have only one browser window open on your desktop or in your task bar nothing else…
( THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT!!! The reason for this is Internet explorer may not delete all past information in another window if it is still visible or on show in that window minimized or otherwise this may not be true in Netscape but it’s worth doing just in case)….

2. Stay in this window and go nowhere else all other windows should now be closed and you should only see this page, then follow the instructions below…..

3. Go into Edit then (Preferences) as in the illustration below

4. This should open the preferences window, as in the illustration below, click (Advanced) then (cache)…

5. On the right hand side of the pane you should now see as the illustration below, click on (Clear Memory Cache) “I think this is what Explorer should do” then click on (Clear Disk Cache) …

After you have done this you may have to wait a few minutes or seconds depending on how much information has been stored in your cache from the past, Netscape will now delete all these old files as well as the copies of past impressions you have been trying hard to get rid of.

When completed exit out of it by clicking OK on the Preferences dialog and now all you should have stored in your cache is a copy of this page as it was when you first started because Netscape will treat this page as a current version from the site….