WordPress Plugin

Free counters has now been running for 12 years and in that time has seen many changes, at present we are developing a new free counters plugin for wordpress, several revisions are under way of the core software and hardware of the main Free Counters site and servers.

Our aim between today and 2015 is for the new wordpress plugin to be released under the GNU public licence version 2, the new wordpress plugin does not use any of our server resources and therefore does not need to be connected to our servers which keeps our costs down and provides everyone who has a wordpress site to use our free counter offering in this area.

You will have the option to use our server or the MySQL database that comes with wordpress first beta release of version 1.0.0 is underway and although beta will be thoroughly tested our end but we cannot predict every installation until it is out in the world for a while, it will be tested on the latest releases of wordpress.

We hope you enjoy our new distribution.



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